BankIslami Launches Pakistan’s First Cardless Biometric ATM Service

Corporate News/Banking (Pakistan News)
Corporate News/Banking (Pakistan News)

First cardless biometric ATM service has been launched by Bank Islami Limited for its customer. It’s the first of its kind in Pakistan and will require the thumb impression of the customer instead of pin code.

Remembering the pin code is difficult for the people in rural areas because of low or no education. With this service they will be able to avail ATM service with more convenience.

The first biometric ATM was setup in Pakistan in 2006; however, in the last month of 2012, biometric service was introduced in some specific ATMs of Bank Islami. Now, this service has been launched across Pakistan in 201 branches of Bank Islami in 77 cities.

With currently 160 biometric ATMs, the bank seeks to install another 40 biometric ATMs by the end of current year.

Customers of other banks can still use their normal ATM cards with pin numbers in the ATMs of Bank Islami. The biometric service is only available for the Bank Islami customers.

The service was inaugurated by Kazi Abdul Muqtadir and Saeed Ahmed, Deputy Governors State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) in a ceremony organized by Bank Islami at its head office. Other prominent personalities such as Hasan Aziz Bilgrami CEO BankIslami, Asad Alim Head Information System, George Flouros Area VP MEA NCR, M. Faisal Shaikh Head Products & Business Development were also present at the ceremony.

To avail this service, customers of Bank Islami will be asked to give their thumb prints before opening an account, which will be saved against their CNIC number. Both left and right hand’s thumb will be used for registration. Then these thumb impressions will be linked with the account of the customer through CNIC.

Mr Hasan Aziz Bilgrami, CEO of BankIslami told about the facility that Bank Islami’s customers can use this service by using just one thumb impression. He further said that with the help of this biometric technology, the ATM transactions will become more secure.

NCR Corporation’s representative George Flouros in the ceremony said that as the technology of biometric ATM has been successfully launched, NCR can now export this technology from Pakistan.

Dealing in hardware, software and electronics, NCR Corporation is a USA-based computer company. The firm provides products and services which help businesses to connect, interact and transact with their customers.



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