FINCA branchless banking: Aerosoft dynamics up as the partner


FINCA branchless banking

FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited and AutoSoft Dynamics (Pvt) Limited have collaborated together to provide new automated solutions in the country. The new agreement has been signed for the implementation of AutoMWALLET which is a Branchless banking venture.

This will provide advantages to even the non banking sectors. Besides expansion of the bank sector, financial modes and methods shall become available to people irrespective of their areas being urban or rural. This shall also reflect the true aim of The State Bank of Pakistan in accordance with its finance sector.

The developed solution shall provide banking type services on a non branch field through very price saving ways by the use of new add-ons for banking. The AutoMWALLET shall be supported by SAP’s mobile version with operator supported type methods for processing of payments as well as delivery. Versions of services shall include the mobile app, SMS, USSD and mobile browser version as well. The network shall fully be accessible over varied currency and language support over any network and phone.

This shall help facilitate services such as micro-loans, remittances, deposits in compliance with The State Bank’s soul.

Mr. Mudassar Aqil who is the CEO of FINCA Microfinace says that they have measured different solutions that shall suit them and AutoSoft’s AutoMWALLET turned out the best suited of all since it was flexible and comfortably adoptable for a growing team and its growing needs elevating them to the top to stay branchless.

According to AutoSoft’s CEO, Mr Javed Mushtaq, this financial venture is something they are looking forward to working together as a team so that even extreme deadlines of the bank can be met.


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