Islamic Banking in Pakistan


islamic banking in Pakistan

Islamic Banking might be prevailing over increasing time in the country but it SBP’s Gallup Pakistan’s survey reveals that only 29 pc of Pakistanis know about Islamic banking while others haven’t even heard about it.

When asked if they have heard the word Islamic banking, 42 pc respond with the answer that they have only heard the term but know nothing about. 29 pc say they know the term along with its meaning while the remaining 29 pc haven’t even heard of the term at all.

Gender wise about 29 pc males have heard and know the term while 28 pc of females say the same. 44 pc males and 41 pc females say that they have heard the term but don’t know the meaning. There are 40 pc urban and 23 pc rural citizens who know the term well while 39 pc urban and 44 pc rural area citizens who have only heard the term. This clearly indicates that urban areas are clearer when it comes to Islamic Banking understanding.

When it comes to provincial classification, 28 pc, 29 pc, 36 pc and 12 pc people are aware about the term well enough in Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan respectively. While there are 48 pc, 25 pc, 52 pc and 27 pc people in Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan who say that they have only heard the term but know nothing about it.

Only Sindh continues to have almost a similar reflection of the terms understanding and non understanding while Balochistan has a huge 61 pc chunk who has not even heard about the term.


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