New School Curriculum to Improve Financial literacy in Pakistan

Financial literacy

Financial literacy

Shafqat Mehmood, Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training has been reported to have said that financial literacy would be made part of a new curriculum for schools, it is in progress by the government.

On the occasion of the book launching ceremony on Friday titled ‘Savings and Capital Market’ which is being published with the collaboration of World Bank. The event was held at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

To equip the next generation with financial knowledge is very important and Shafqat on this occasion laid stress upon the need for savings motives, financial discipline and benefits of investment to be taught to the students of all age.

With the sheer efforts of the government, it is being done with sincere efforts to elevate the standard of education and devise new curriculum.

The money should be invested in safe avenues like the stock market, mutual funds and insurance and the public should avoid investing in unregulated sectors advised Shafqat.

By investing in wise channels the money of the public will be in safe hands and eventually will be transferred to their heirs in a very transparent manner and easily.

And he also told that among the masses very few are aware of the potential of the capital market and he, therefore, steps should be taken to promote awareness about financial literacy.


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