White Label ATM Operators Allowed to Function by SBP



WPL has been granted this full commercial license for the installation of White Label ATMs across Pakistan. WPL plans to roll out 600 ATMs over the next two years, and are willing to drive ATM penetration and accessibility for masses across urban, semi-urban, and rural markets to play its role in supporting the SBP’s financial inclusion objectives.

It is the 0nly n0n-bank entity in Pakistan t0 0wn and 0perate an ATM Netw0rk with the brand name ‘CASH1’. 

White Label ATMs (WLAs) business m0del enables n0n-bank entities t0 act as a digital bank thr0ugh the installati0n 0f ATMs and Cash Dep0sit machines n0t 0nly t0 facilitate the general public but als0 t0 the banks as these WLAs serves as additi0nal pay0ut p0ints f0r their cust0mers.

Achieving this narrative was never p0ssible with0ut the acquiescence and guidance 0f the regulat0r (State Bank 0f Pakistan) theref0re, in line with the visi0n 0f State Bank 0f Pakistan (SBP) t0 increase the acquiring netw0rk in Pakistan c0mparable t0 the 0ther c0untries gl0bally WPL applied f0r the PS0s/ PSPs license under the SBP’s Rules f0r PS0s and PSPs. 

WPL 0n fulfilling the regulat0r’s pr0cedural, financial, and c0mpliance requirements g0t in-principal appr0val f0ll0wed by a detailed audit carried 0ut by the SBP. After a satisfact0ry audit rep0rt, SBP all0wed WPL t0 launch its pil0t 0perati0ns. 

The pil0t 0perati0n was the last pr0cedural requirement by the regulat0r t0 check the WPLs c0mpliance in a live envir0nment bef0re the auth0rizati0n 0f c0mmercial g0 ahead. In this phase, WPL installed CASH1 WLAs in several c0mmercial and public places 0f Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lah0re.

And 0n satisfact0ry c0mpleti0n 0f the pil0t phase, WPL has been granted final appr0val f0r the c0mmercial launch as the 0nly c0mpany which s0lely embark 0n this White Label ATM 0perat0r (WLA0) j0urney.


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