Pakistan Information Portal

Pakistan information portal provides financial and economic statistics and reports related to Pakistan’s economy and  industry specific reports.

Information from Board of Investment
  • Pakistan Investment Policies
  • Foreign Direct Investment Strategy
  • Sector overviews


Information from Economic Affairs Division
  • Foreign Economic Assistance Reports


Information from Engineering Development Board
  • Auto Industry Stats
  • Customs Tariff
  • List of Locally manufactured goods
  • Steel/Metal/Auto prices
  • Engineering sector reports


Information from Federal Board of Revenue
  • NTN/STR Numbers
  • E-filing of Returns
  • Taxpayer Guide and forms
  • Taxation Reports


Information from Finance Ministry
  • Fiscal operations
  • Federal Budget reports (sector wise expenditure of government)
  • Pakistan Debt policy


Insurance Sector Information
  • Insurance sector laws/rules
  • Sector financial reports


Information of Commerce & Trade
  • Export/Import/Trade Policies
  • Export and Import Stats (country wise, region wise, sector wise, commodity wise)


Automobile Sector Information
  • Monthly Production and Sales data of automobile
  • Import/Export Policy


Information from Planning Commission
  • National Development Plan (yearly)
  • Pakistan millennium Development goals summary
  • Pakistan Vision 2030


Financial Information from State Bank of Pakistan  
  • National Data Summary
  • Price Inflation
  • Banking Sector detailed statistics with financial statements
  • Foreign Exchange reserves
  • Export/Import detailed stats
  • Foreign investment
  • Pakistan debt stats
  • GDP
  • Tax and Remittance collection


Information from Federal Bureau of Statistics
  • Agriculture
  • Demographic and research publications
  • Energy and mining stats
  • Monthly & Annual trade reports
  • Pakistan employment trends and labor force surveys
  • Education
  • Health
  • Housing
  • water supply
  • sanitation
  • social welfare


Telecom Sector Information
  • Telecom Quarterly and Annual reports


Agriculture Sector of Pakistan 
  • Agriculture statistics of Pakistan by Federal bureau of Statistics