After seven solo years, Muse in Karachi is all set to gear up at E-street


muse in Karachi

With its seven solo years in Lahore, Muse is all set to hit Karachi’s E-street with its new store having their latest range of shoes and bags given to anticipated Karachiites by Moeed Yousuf and Faryal Aftab finally.

Muse fans agree that their style is as if it was purely made for Karachiites so it’s a wonder how they have waited almost a decade for it to open in the metropolitan hub. However the duo says that Muse clients deserve having a greater experience at shopping through beautiful spacious studios like those of Givenchy, Valentino etc rather than going to some mall and buying it from there.

On the other hand, their bags and shoes are already in the sampling phase and shall be available soon at the racks in a few months as their day to evening wear collection consists of black, navy blue and red bags including some totes as well.

Italian and French fabrics are never compromised for leather and other accessories while work with Italian manufacturers is also going in line with it. It is after giving away many hundreds of leathers that one beautiful leather type is selected for the outstanding quality incorporated through awesome quality detailing, linings, zips etc. The heels revolve around high, mid and flats with sole and leather choice going on as well.

muse in karachi

Muse has been well known for its 3D distinguished cuts and stripes brought forward towards accessories to make Muse the most outstanding designer among all. The brand is not thinking of switching from luxury line to a retail-friendly line because they certainly do not want to come down from getting the same materials being used at Dior, Chanel or others etc.

With its last year’s bridal debut collection, this year’s PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week (PLBW) in September is due besides the store opening this week in Karachi too.


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