Best Dine out Places in Karachi

dine out places in Karachi

Karachi is the city of lights where you can find dine out and happening places even at mid-night. Here are some of the best dine out places in Karachi;

Located at the beach avenue, Kolachi (spirit of Karachi) is that place where there is absolutely no compromise on the food, service and ambience. If you are looking for a heavenly dine-out for the dinner, Kolachi is definitely the right choice for you. The place is equally good for both the family and outing with friends. Its courteous staff will make you feel wonderful and a valuable customer each time you give it a visit. To them the customer service is just as important as the quality and taste of the food. The restaurant offers a variety of mouth-watering cuisines and specializes in bar-b-que. The facilities included are valet parking, play area for children, an exquisite waiting area and a soothing sea view.
Café-76Café 76
Located in the posh area of old Clifton, café 76 provides one with the refreshing experience to keep one away from the busy life of the metropolitan city. The seating arrangements are both indoor and outdoor to suit your preference and state of mind. It is open for both a get together and a casual dining out experience. Great customer service is at the core for them as they believe in giving a unique dining experience rather than just palatable food to satisfy their taste buds.
Club-GenovaClub Genova
Café Genova is particularly known for offering different themes like Italian, Classic Theme and Ultra-Modern. There is an availability of Cigars lounge and Café altogether. Its diverse menu includes a wide variety of appetizers, main course, beverages/cocktails and desserts. Club Genova is famously known for its enriching steaks and sheeshas.
Café 9
CAFE 9 has managed to earn the crown of being the most admired dining places in the fancy area of Zamzama. The café brings with it a luxurious experience of dine out, coupled with up to date décor and grand recipes. It also encourages one to have private party dinners by exclusively offering a four-course menu and giving the entire upper floor for some special occasion.

Cafe-DownTownCafé Down Town
Café DownTown is one of the leading cafes of Karachi, offering a vast variety of Italian, Mediterranean and Mexican food coupled with its in house special coffees, cakes and mocktails. If you are planning on a casual hang out with friends then café Down Town should be your place to visit.
Cafe-Pink-CadillacCafé Pink Cadillac
Cafe Pink Cadillac, known for its authentic Fast Food and Italian menu aims to offer casual environment, reasonable food quality and great customer service. It specializes in Buffalo chicken burger, Cajun fried Calamari, Bitterballen, Cadillac Special Pepper Steak and many more. All of this make it worth a visit for sure.
kahva-0Kahva Café
Kahva Cafe and Grill, located at 6-C, Mustafa Arcade, Block A, SMCHS is known as the best restaurant in providing Continental, Mediterranean and Seafood cuisines. It focuses on giving its customers a unique form of presentation and hygiene environment along with flavorsome food. It provides a vast range of menu which includes appetizers, soups, burgers & sandwiches, chicken, house special, pasta, sea food, cocktails, deserts and beverages.
HobnobHobnob Cafe
If you are looking for a toothsome and within budget outing, Hobnob is the right choice for you. Hobnob has been quite innovative since its inception and has managed to maintain a good reputation from quite a long time. The range varies from mouth-watering soups, appetizers, steaks, fish which are further complimented by cocktails and huge range of bakery items and that too at very affordable prices.

Xander’s provides its customers with a look of a modern gourmet café. If you are in a rush and looking for some simple and light meals, Xander’s should be your choice. You can grab a quick open-faced sandwich, an old school cheeseburger, a bowl of pasta or a delicious dessert along with the all-day open breakfast for late risers. It provides indoor and outdoor seating along with a vibrant ambience, WI-FI and the latest lounge music. It attracts people from all age groups and they all enjoy visiting Xander’s.

koel-cafeCafe Koel
Café Koel is known not only for its scrumptious meals but the architecture of this café captures the aesthetic sense of the customer. If you are a nature lover then visiting this café can serve as a precious treat.
Butlers Chocolate Cafe

Butlers Chocolate café
If you are looking for a fine breakfast outing then Butlers Chocolate must ring bells to you. Despite being an international chain it gives tough competition to all and is still one of the best Coffees in Pakistan. It has introduced various breakfast menus such as Spanish Omelet and a sumptuous Irish Breakfast to name few. Butlers Chocolate outlets not only offer the family style set up but casual dining environment too.


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