‘Bus Khail Nahi’ Shahzad Roy’s latest release


Bus Khail NahiWith hands always full, Shahzad Roy is on of the busiest musician in the country. He is involved with managing a non-profit organisation along with his experimental approach to music, he recently released his latest single track Bus Khail Nahin. The song was launched to commemorate and appreciate the spirit of sportsmanship during the Inter Provincial Games held in Islamabad from April 23 to April 26, and was also the official anthem of the sports event.

The video and song highlights the efforts of professionals associated with many different sports other than cricket and hence was dedicated to the Inter Provincial Games, an event that saw participation of more than 2000 athletes from Pakistan.

Shahzad Roy expressing his views said, “We are a proud nation when it comes to sports. Be it cricket, hockey or boxing, we always try to excel in what we do. Bus Khail Nahi highlights the nation’s zeal to perform to the best of our abilities and attain positive reinforcements to promote sports within our country and showcase our talented athletes on a national level.”

Bus Khail Nahi isn’t the only anthem the artiste has released as of recent as the single follows another patriotic song, titled Zindabad that was released last month. Zindabad celebrates Pakistan and the spirit of being a Pakistani – a common theme in majority of the singer’s works.


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