Deepika and Vin Diesel all set for their upcoming movie release


deepika and vin diesel
With the release of xXx: The Return of Xander Cage on 20th January 2017, Deepika Padukone shall be re-known as a Hollywood actress next year. The date was announced by Paramount Pictures which last week finished its third installment for the franchise.
The movie with Vin Diesel starring opposite Deepika is under production with DJ Caruso. Others starring in the movie include Samuel L Jackson, Ruby Rose, Tony Jaa, Nina Dobrev, Donnie Yen and Conor McGregor.

The movie is the Sequel to 2005’s release namely xXx: State Of The Union starring Ice Cube where Vin Diesel shall be seen again after leaving out earlier. Cage is now out of exile and is in a furious war with the warrior Xiang who has the Pandora’s Box which is an unstoppable weapon. Serene is played by Deepika where she is portrays the huntress.

However in competition, the thriller by Sullivan Stapletom ‘The Lake’ and the horror movie by M Night Shyamalan ‘Split’ are also going to be released on the same date.


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