How to be a pro at any new language in a week!


Believe me it is as easier as said! You could learn any language within a week and be a boss at it whether it is writing it, understanding it or even speaking it! yes, that is not anything impossible, of course practice shall make you perfect by the day but being a pro enough in just 7 days is nothing at all to be more precise!

new language in a week

In order to learn a language it is very important to know…. oh yeah you might be expecting the list.. well to be honest, there’s none at all!

You just need the zeal to learn n that’s about it all! With the pacing technology everywhere you probably already have the things needed for it! So, let’s go for it!


• Newspaper of a language you well understand
• Your smartphone with App-store installed
• Google translator
• Facebook (for speedy routine command)


1. Install “Duo-lingo” in your phone.

new language in a week


Oh yes this app is the best and you have to try it! It gives you lessons everyday, you just have to choose from the many languages it offers! Perform a daily routine and you will actually learn to even speak those words as you learn them! The exercises increase every day and it is just about 5 minutes every day! It won’t accept any wrong words until you perfect it with the native accent!

2. Get your local newspaper and your Google translator to work!

You only have to highlight out two words that you think are a little more than easy-to-understand words. Just write them up and make a list as you put their substitute language words after finding them on Google translator! Just add two words to your Vocab every alternate day!

new language in a week



3. Use your Facebook account!

Now Google translator might be the best for definitive words but for phrases? Viola! It’s facebook! What do you think are the most common words or questions!? How are you? Goodnight, darling?Nah! Duolingo already taught you these! Write those informal ones..Oh, I’d love that! That is so good of you! Man you look splendid, where did you buy that from? Yes, just comment them in a “no one can see this post” and press enter ! Then play along to translate it all you like!

You shall learn like never before and you won’t be even tired! The exercises guarantee you to learn so much in just a week that you become a pro at it very surprisingly!

So grab up the opportunity and start downloading to start learning all the way!


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