Introducing Mc Donald’s fries rich in chocolicous temptatations!


Mc Donald's fries


It’s tremendous news for all those potato and chocolate lovers intact! Mc Donald’s fries are bound to kick you off this season with their ultimate chocolate combination.

The Mc Donald’s fries known as McChoco Potato shall be the craziest pick on their menu available from today in Japan. Not only do chocolate lovers get their dream fries but they get to choose from two types of dips. The dips are in accordance with the type of chocolate being white milk chocolate or cacao flavor chocolate.

Mc Donald's fries






Press releases add that it has a “wonderful salty and sweet harmonious taste.”

Starting from Jan 26, this shall be a limited time promotional item on their list.

However, this is not the first time that an add-on has been introduced for Mc Donald’s Japan’s menu makeover. Prior to this Shaka Shaka Potato fries had been introduced which were covered with either a bacon or a cheese dip.

Wendy’s and Burger King

Many other monster food chains have also brought out some mind-boggling articles in Japan. These include the very famous Wendy’s Japan “Turkey Special” and the Black Cheeseburger by Burger King.


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