Karachi Eat Festival 2016: the most awaited fest of the year!


Karachi eat festival 2016

Karachi shall be eating and eating it out right for the Karachi Eat Festival 2016 is here! The fest is bringing to its people a whole miscellany of extra yum temptations at the Frere Hall till Sunday evening!
This three day Fest is the third successful round of very successful festivities of all time. The very additions this year include Rajjo ice-cream, Sattar Buksh, koyla karahi and Tempt Asian. People shall be enjoying the very delicious churros and khao suey.
Local businesses shall make up about 88 stalls which include face painting, shirt printing, photo booths and open mic nights. Two surprise artists shall be playing the country’s pop music every evening. Saturday and Sunday shall be exclusively timed from noon till 11 pm.
With the fest getting its grandeur every year the festival organizer Cyra Anklesaria says, “We had 50 stalls and around 7,000 people visited every day on average.” In the nest year they had increased to 75 stalls with 12,000 people visiting each year. “We are expecting a lot more this year.”
Javeria Batool, an excited foodie who has been a regular festival client, said “Last year’s festival was huge but their Facebook page is promising a lot more this year.” She adds that it is the best place to spend their weekend with friends and family.
Anklesaria explained how they had to turn down many people from the entrance because they had no space. “The venue was heavily crowded and there was no parking space left.
The organizers have rented some extra nearby plots this year for additional parking space with added valet services from two car service companies. Karachi Eat Festival 2016 also joined hands with Careem. Careem is a new yet popular app which lets you book a car to pick you up from your house to drop you at your required destination.
This arrangement has specially been done to facilitate those visitors who were disappointed last year due to deficient parking space. “Being a food lover, I will go this year too. But it will be great if the organizers have made some arrangements for parking,” said Moiz Siddiqui, who had waited an hour last year when he didn’t get a good place to park.
Shanila Aslam (a regular visitor) enjoys everything from bun kebabs to gol gappays, pizzas to baked goodies which are seldom found at the same place. She adds, “The best thing about Karachi Eat is the food, food and food.”

The Driving Force behind

Anklesaria directly hints at her boss Omar Omari of CKO Events who drove her to start this beautiful event. “I work for Omar Omari and this specific event started with the thought of how Brits love the festival ‘Taste of London’ in England.”
She further commented, “Since I am a foodie, he approached me to start this event, which we are holding consecutively for the past two years in the winter season.”
Although the entry to the Karachi Eat Festival 2016 is Rs 250 but to keep the prices affordable, it has been kept in mind that no food item is priced above Rs 200.
Ankelsaria also explained that some charity stalls have also been placed so that people wishing to contribute may as well do so.

Karachi Eat Festival 2016 exploring grandeur

Post the Karachi Eat Festival 2016, it shall be heading to Lahore this year too. It shall be held from March 4 to March 6 at Polo Ground with about 45 confirmed stalls already.
Anklesaria also hopes to make this festival even bigger by taking it even outside Pakistan. Her plans include ‘Pakistan’s All You Can Eat festival’ in Dubai, Turkey or New Delhi. However, she said, “This will take some time to take off.”
The most important peeks of the Karachi Eat Festival 206 include:
China Kitchen
Sattar Buksh
Chapli Kebab House
Rajjo ice-cream
Chacha Jee
Khyber Koyla Karahi
Desi GAll


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