Living a Dream in harmony with Nature


Here we are in the era of high-tech, an era we always dreamt of being able to touch the moon and back. As human beings we are suffering from a disease called “unlimited wants”, a disease that has no cure. We saw birds flying, and dreamt of being like birds and flying around to see the beautiful wonders of the world, we saw the sun in the morning and dreamt of having the same light in the dark, we saw our loved ones moving apart and dreamt of staying in touch 24/7, we saw horses run so fast and dreamt of having something more faster than that, we kept observing and our dreams kept growing bigger and technology grew twice the time.

We wanted to fly like birds and now we travel to the most far off places in the shortest possible time and have been to planets and discovered planets that never existed for us. We wanted to light up the dark, and with the power of electricity we did not only light up the dark side of the world but also created other electronics that made our days and nights both easy. We wanted to connect to different parts of the world and now we communicate across the globe in milliseconds. We dreamt of running as fast as the horses and we invented different vehicles for our comfort making traveling even more relaxing. We thought that the dream of living forever will never come into existence but now we can clone the backed-up file of our brains and live forever. Our dreams have taken us from one end of this universe to almost the other end and still we keep dreaming and our desires keep growing for a better and easy living.

The question is have we ever thought that our dreams can change into nightmares if we do not consider how our dreams are polluting our environment and damaging our surroundings. Yes we should dream big, it’s not a sin but it’s high time we need to wake up now and clean up the mess we created while we were dreaming and getting lazy in our dream couch. We need to wake each other up with a loud “Good Morning”, like hello were getting late now. Why do we have to wait for the last second of this world to collapse, and for all our dreams to shatter?

The Global Environmental issues that terrorize human health and life have always been alarming the balance between human desires to grow technologically advanced and environmental protection. Global climate change, biodiversity extinctions, deforestation, water shortages and many other compounding stresses have created a beyond doubt global environmental predicament. Each one of these issues is important for maintaining a society that is in total harmony with the nature.

The Global climate change is causing an increase in global warming and a decrease in the species and their habitats. No doubt climate change is one of the greatest threats faced by the planet. This climate change is due to the air pollutants from fossil fuel that make clouds reflect more of the sun’s rays back into space.

Biodiversity is important for giving a boost to the ecosystem productivity, where every small species play a major role in developing a greater variety of crops, ensures natural sustainability for all life forms, and help recover from a variety of disasters.

Deforestation is clearing of forests and damaging the land; this is often performed for agricultural reasons and mostly is related to earn lots of money. The most dramatic impact of deforestation is the loss of habitat since 70% of animals and plants live in forests, and many cannot survive the deforestation. Climate change is also due to deforestation. Forest soils are moist, but without protection from sun-blocking tree cover they quickly dry out. Trees also help perpetuate the water cycle by returning water vapor back into the atmosphere.

These are just few of the environmental issues that are causing major disasters in the world and damaging every living thing on this earth. Nature helped us fulfill our dreams, now its time we return the functional integrity of natural systems around the world and alter our society’s behavior toward the natural world. To dream is a natural behavior of human being but to dream in harmony with nature is the duty of every human being living on this planet.


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