Michael Kor’s Smartwatch lets you stay fashionable in Android!


Michael Kor's smartwatch

Watches are the most personalized apparels that define your ultimate persona and your attitude towards life. They are of utmost worldwide importance for all successful ones. Hence keeping in mind the fashion trends evolving over time, the smart-watch is the perfect way to stay tuned. However, until and unless many makers release them, the market cannot be well established.

Michael Kors, the big name has taken the initiative to launch one and has become the innovator of all times in accordance with fashion. With increasing popularity over the years, MK has become almost viral.

The MK Access is two watches with traditional watch looks as well as tech options. More such ranges are to be announced soon.

michael kors smartwatch

With variations for both men and women, the sporty and beautiful watches are a sure attraction. The inter-swappable silicon to leather brands are also one comfortable feature to watch for besides choosing customized all category screen faces for the watch.

Available at all stores and e-store as well, the watch costs $395 for all that it offers.


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