Mikaal Zulfiqar becomes producer for Tum Meray Kia Ho



We’ve seen actor Mikaal Zulfiqar play the charming hero for over a decade and greathly enjoyed his performances in different avatars.

Now we will see his career enter a new chapter, as his first production Tum Meray Kia Ho aired its initial episode on 9th October.

TMKH is the story of a property tycoon and widower (Mikaal) who rediscovers love upon his meeting with his manager’s daughter (Sajal Ali). Sajal is being married into a greedy family, whose antics make her father depressed and sick. Eventually, Mikaal and Sajal’s lives are intertwined, but their romance is complicated by the re-appearance of Mikaal’s former love (Kiran Haq).

TMKH will show Lahore as never before, promises Mikaal

“I have wanted to produce TV for a while now. For me, it is natural progression,” shared Mikaal with Images about his transition into production.

“I’m 33 right now, and have a good 8-10 years ahead of me, but I can’t live in fools’ paradise and think that I’ll be a full-time actor forever.”

While he tests the waters with a conventional family drama like TMKH, Mikaal hopes to bring innovation in the industry in his career as a producer.

“I consider myself as part of the next generation of producers,” says Mikaal. “There’s lots of new software that can be used, lots of stories that can be explored. There’s so much more we can do in Pakistan, like reality shows and infotainment – that’s what I’d really like to do.”

He adds, “In the next five years, I hope to have established myself as one of the trend-setting production houses in Pakistan.”

But direction is not on Mikaal’s agenda – at least, not immediately.

“I can’t say I won’t ever direct, but at least not while I’m acting.”

TMKH is on air from this week. His next production Maan will soon begin airing on HUM TV next week.


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