Om Puri death is not natural: says postmortem


om puri death

The Om Puri death has literally left everyone shocked all across the world. The veteran was initially known to die from a massive cardiac arrest. However, according to India Today, the postmortem reports reveal that they weren’t natural causes.

The reports say that Om Puri death was actually caused due to a head injury after which he might have fallen. Close friend Khalid Kidwai said that he had been drinking before his death. He says that he consumed alcohol and wanted to meet his son Ishaan which didn’t happen. Kidwai adds he had been very emotional that evening even though he doesn’t find his death suspicious. On the other hand, wife Nandita has also been questioned by the police

The reasons

Subhash K Jha of DNA has also been told of Om Puri’s declining health by the Bollywood star and friend Naseeruddin Shah. Shah says he never intervened in his personal problems but it was them that left his physical and mental health in shambles. Naseeruddin Shah also added the fact that Om was suffering from this no-way-out situation in his last days. But he says he didn’t expect the sudden death even though he knows Puri is now all relieved from stress. This also includes the bad film choices he thought he made for financial reasons.

Though these might be just some assumptions but the postmortem reports surely point out a very mysterious angle of his death.


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