‘Padmavat Vs Padman’ January 25 to Decide Who Takes The Lead


Padmavat Vs Padman

As the hours are slashing, hearts are pounding, viewer are impatiently counting days to witness the opening of Pandora box and the big screens unveil the most awaited, story of valor, bravery, pride, love and nevertheless, the moment will also witness the unleash of another storyline, that will give you the goosebumps and an insight of how society belittle most of our efforts, despite the fact that every work needs struggle and hard work.

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Yes! Ladies and Gentleman, we are just days away from the release of Padmavat and Padman. The former is starring Deepika Padukone, in a historical movie based on the characters of Mehwar, along with Ranbir Singh and Shahid Kapoor. Later ‘Padman’ enigma of social issues and attention was diverted to specific cause beautifully portrayed with the awe-inspiring acting of Akshay Kumar.

Padmavat Vs Padman


Both the movie will be released on 25th of January and it will be obvious once the veils are down and the box office gets the result of tides turning up to watch the movie. The results will be shared by box office soon but as the curiosity has taken the movie freaks by storm instead of resorting to the details being shared by the box office medium. Padmavat Vs Padman, a survey was conducted to get the idea of how excited the folks are about both the movies and which one would they prefer the most.

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The response was quite in line with the expectations as the excitement and suspense were already instigated by one of the two movies, with controversies and threats also made the subject quite prominent.

You guessed it right! Padmavat was the most preferred among the two, but most of the folks also shared their desire to watch Padman as well, some even considering movie depicting social issue as their priority compared to a movie that is already engulfed in a lot of debate.


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