Pakistan loses one of its most precious gems, Junaid Jamshed this year


junaid jamshed

There is absolutely no eye that hasn’t cried upon hearing about the ill-fate of the trendsetter, Junaid Jamshed. It was indeed terrible news as the plane crashed this Wednesday carrying many others too.

Junaid Jamshed was indeed a man of great inspiration for many. He was the centre of attraction within the media too. A man with such combinational spiritual inspiration was hardly seen before. The nation pays tribute to this noble man who died in the Havelian city in KP just recently.

Born in Karachi on 3rd Sept 1964, his father also passed away earlier this year in Nowshera. He was the son of a retired PAF officer. The mother, Nafeesa Akbar was the granddaughter of the Nawab of Loharu. Junaid Jamshed always wanted to follow his father in the PAF but couldn’t fit the needs. Thus, he studied at the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore to have a mechanical engineering degree in 1990.

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He said that he had no plans of ever joining a music career but music followed him. It was his first in the Peshawar University in 1983 until he was the front face of Nuts and Bolts. This was his university band while he reached fame to become the lead vocalist of Vital Signs too.

The legend he is

Vital Signs is just like Beatles of Pakistan that set the bar high with pop and rock music. Giving ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ in 1987, it carries a legacy with it that can never be forgotten. He then dedicated his life to Islam three years after his last solo album. Almost everyone remembers him as a very generous person. His home in Karachi held prayers for all those who died in what they call a national tragedy. Many celebrities made their philanthropic work public while he remained truly humble. He never called him an Aalim.

He had scheduled Friday for a sermon at the Parliament Mosque this week. Thus, he was on his way to Islamabad from a Tableeghi Jamat mission in Chitral. The ill-fate of the flight pk661 soon saw thousands of heart-felt condolences for him on Wednesday. Mufti Menk of Zimbabwe also condoled for the pious man and his wife besides others.

He will surely be remembered as a great singing icon, tremendous Muslim scholar, successful entrepreneur, TV person, and philanthropist. He was a very good man indeed and it’s unbelievable that he resides only in people’s heart now.


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