Pakistani Film Maalik receives very unexpected results over time


pakistani film maalik

The Pakistani film industry did not receive what it expected from the return of Ashir Azeem who made his comeback through his debut directorial film titled Maalik. The film certainly went even below average as it just made Rs 20 million in its first six days.

Footprint (Pvt) Ltd who is the distributor for the film said that it had earned Rs 15 million just during the first three days but it was then that the performance dropped so low and it earned only Rs 0.5 million in the other three days. The film was released over more than 40 screens in Pakistan but experienced a really tough start.

There had been speculations that it has many important releases along with it but the Maalik director had full hopes that the movie shall stand out. However it has also been noted that only Fast & Furious 7 termed up well whereas other movies which came on at the same time did not fare well too.

Maalik did fare well in cities like Islamabad and Karachi with its cast including Hassan Niazi, Adnan Shah Tipu, Sajid Hussain and Farhan Ally Agha which released on 8th April 2016. The film depicts the tale of an SSG officer who preys victim to a personal tragedy and ends up opening his own private security firm. Accompanied by his retired colleagues they continue to fight the evils residing in the city of Karachi.

That said, Maalik distributors do believe that the film shall pass the Rs 40 million mark over spanning time for Azeem’s two year gap after famous TV series Dhuaan shall surely spark it all up.


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