Pakistani Wrestler Amir Jordan Make it to WWE


Pakistani Wrestler

Competing in WWE Cruiserweight Classic tournament and getting signed by WWE, Mustafa Ali was the first wrestler, who hailed from Pakistan in 2016,

He is also part of the 205 Live brand. Amir Jordan another Wrestler from North Nazimabad, Karachi has recently competed in WWE UK championship tournament. Pakistani Wrestler Amir Jordan was a banker before entering professional wrestling and has become the second wrestler from Pakistan to compete in WWE.

Bilal Ansari, the real name of wrestler Amir Jordan while talking to a newspaper in an interview told that he was always ambitions to become an international performer and his family moved to the UK when he was only four. He came back to Pakistan for schooling but spent most of his life abroad.

Pakistani Wrestler revealed that he become a fan of wrestling since his grandmother used to like it and despite a language barrier, though she couldn’t understand what they said but had always appreciated their performance. So, It really doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the language because art has its own universal language and connects with everyone.

Amir Jordan took training from veteran wrestler Lance Storm and Marty Jones one of the most respected names of WWE industry and decided to say goodbye to his office desk job in pursuit of his dream.


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