Pakistanis can play Pokemon Go officially now!


pokemon go

The ever famous Pokemon Go app has finally arrived in Pakistan now. The hype about the app has been quite much all around the world while Pakistanis can experience it now too.

The app can now be downloaded freely from the app store and is a free-to-play location-based game. The reality augmented game developed by Niantic can be enjoyed by all Android and iOS users equally. The game that soon became a hit in many countries is a loved concept for mobility lovers. Users can compete with other players of Pokemon Go to top the popularity charts high.

The game before

The app was not available in Pakistan before. However, crazy users used to change the region of their play store to download it and play it. They would even use their friend’s or cousin’s US iTunes account for that and play it all. Android users on the other hand could use the APK to download and play it too.

Finally, there is no use of all that as they can now play it officially to enjoy Pokemon Go just the way they want to.


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