Pepsi – Brings Emojis (feelings)


Pepsi - Brings Emojis (feelings)

This year in June, Pepsi Canada has been the first one to promote the enormous and influential emoji #SayItWithPepsi social media platforms campaign that got hit in no time and attracted a number of consumers. Not only this, customized Cans and PET bottles with expressive emojis were also introduced to motivate people to share their own stories by Saying It With Pepsi.

Pepsi also released a special 35 character #PepsiMoji keyboard (available for iOS and android) with emojis styled like its logo, along with cans and bottles featuring smiley faces. Fair to say, Pepsi did come up with innovative and advanced emojis.

Pepsi - Brings Emojis (feelings)

Following remarkable success in Canada, the brand is now expanding Emojis #SayItWithPepsi campaign to USA and Thailand. Given the campaign was a success in Canada and its acceptance was pretty high, especially among the youth, the possibility of the campaign outnumbering in USA and Thailand is going to be extraordinarily great.

It would be thrilling and exhilarating to see Pepsi Pakistan bring the same expressive Emoji #SayItWithPepsi campaign to home. Eagerly waiting for this to happen.


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