Prosthetic Arm That Can Be Controlled With the Brain Developed In Pakistan

Prosthetic Arm

Prosthetic Arm

Two Pakistani engineers, Mohammad Awais, and Anas Nazir, have developed a prosthetic arm for disabled people. The two started working on bio-robotics during their university days with a class project.

“Bionics was aimed at making a name for ourselves in the world of bio-robotics. Now we are working on bionic-based lower limbs and exoskeletons”, Awais told.

The project has helped more than 30 disabled persons. According to the details, the fingers and hand move in response to the signals transmitted by the brain. The artificial hand was developed at a cost of $2,000, which equates to 312,700 Rupees.

The developers informed that we place sensors at locations in the body where the brain sends electric currents or signals to fingers, commanding them to move.


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