Sadaf Records becomes digitized to stay in trend


Sadaf Records

The Rainbow Centre in Saddar is one of the most famous branches for the Sadaf Records which has been a premium brand label for all records. Known widely for its varied records, the store used to be very up for all entertainment lovers until the new modernized age.

Over the time, it has apparently become very vague to even exist for people to know about it. While torrents and other streaming portals flourished, the non adaptability became a striking disadvantage for the company. It was when Shamraiz Khalid turned the tables. It took over thirty years to make the change where now rebranding is definitely showing up namely by Sadaf Digital instead of Sadaf Records known previously.

It is never too late to do anything revolutionary, hence the director Khalid knows the evolving digital media shall pick up the pace soon enough. Complicated copyrights have made it difficult for them but they shall soon be in their mode by the month’s end. There shall be a dedicated portal for all uploads under its banner. Other 150 such related fields like Netflix, YouTube, Dailymotion and iTunes have also been in talks with them in order to stream their content.

The low quality version that had been uploaded of Jal’s Aadat video was a superb way that YouTube earned through. He reflected the example that the artist’s content wasn’t utilized too efficiently due to which downfall had been seen.

Their mission includes having a proper database of Pakistani movies, dramas or other series so that viewers may not have to see them in low quality illegally downloaded versions. Other mission also includes creating a proper system for the whole entertainment industry too. Khalid also aims to revive all those cupboard-locked or lost records of all times that are not accessible anywhere now since they have archived a lot of content that shall be available free of cost to all their admirers.

The aim is not monetary, hence it shall be focused that content is accessible all over the world and even free of cost, even where Google is not easily accessible.

The early five year plan has already been planned out precisely aiming at having more traffic than money. With the correct model established, money generation cold take place through many other dozens of ways.

In order for it to grow, the revival of old collections is not the only resort, but creating new content is also very important simultaneously. Khalid through his company has launched many famous names like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Zafar, Entity Paradigm (EP) and Faakhir, hence it plans to do so again with both old as well as old artists. Of course, the royalties of the profits shall be shared alongside for the industry’s growth has also been their key focus.

Faakhir has endorsed the move to having such good people to work with in order to completely utilize all sources to make good money as well.


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