Salman Khan is getting married..finally!!!


salman khan is getting married

Salman Khan has constantly been asked about his marriage and it is almost as if it has turned into a global issue as it has also become one of the most awaited events ever in history. However, it now seems that Salman has made his mind to settle down finally.

Mumbai mirror has said that the big star might well be married by the end of this year since the bachelor as decided to settle now.

It is being speculated that is foreigner girlfriend might be close to becoming the most powerful woman in the industry. Well it seems it is all about Salman’s mum to make her wish true rather than love driving him to do so. His girlfriend Lulia Vantur has quite much been on the sets of Sultan to be seen as his wife-to-be since many of their pictures have also gone viral on the same sets.

Salman might be missing in the pictures but Lulia has been seen accompanying him from one region to another for shoots as he took her along from UP, Punjab and Haryana while also tagging her at every place.

Salman as also promoted Lulia’s Romanian TV show through is Twitter and also sowed is wish to do a same kind of show too.

Next we hope if the actor does finally break from bachelorhood into getting married or not.


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