TAG Heuer RACER – A breakthrough Swiss Communication Instrument inspired by GT sportscars and luxury jets


TAG Heuer drives into a next generation telephony with the aerodynamic TAG Heuer RACER, an innovation-driven luxury smart phone steeped in motor-racing lore and constructed from the most advanced materials in aeronautics


For more than 150 years, TAG Heuer has built its reputation and heritage on the core values it shares with motor racing and aviation: advanced, sports-inspired design, breakthrough technology and unsurpassed precision and reliability. Many of the Swiss luxury house’s most legendary creations — the first dashboard and cockpit timer in 1911, the first 12-hour chronograph for airplanes and racecars in 1933, the Monaco worn by Steve McQueen in the film Le Mans in 1969, the Silverstones and Carreras in the 1970s, the MONACO V4, the MIKROTIMER Flying 1000 introduced last year, or this year’s newest TAG Heuer MIKROGIRDER, to name just a few — are the direct result of TAG Heuer’s close collaborations with the most elite levels of automobile and aviation manufacturing.


Now TAG Heuer brings this same high-octane synergy to the world of avant-garde communications with the new TAG Heuer RACER, the world’s first Swiss luxury touchscreen smart phone to be entirely constructed from the leading-edge materials of motor racing and aviation.



Like every TAG Heuer product the TAG Heuer RACER is a marvel of leading-edge design and handcrafted workmanship. Lightweight components and shock resistant construction, its composite materials — titanium grade 2, light and strong carbon fiber, black PVD, 316L stainless steel, rubber — were first used in professional motor-sports and aeronautics. The sporty yet timelessly elegant look comes from high-end GT cars, while its aggressive and energetic lines are direct expressions of TAG Heuer’s unique DNA. Swiss-engineered, French-built and powered by Android, the world’s most intelligent operating system.



There is a stellar standout edition for every taste in the TAG Heuer RACER range, from the Sport Classic in dark grey F1 rubber and 316L stainless steel to the Precious Gold in 18k rose gold. The core model of the line is the Full Carbon Orange. The front face is in full carbon fiber and black F1-grade rubber, with a black PVD coated stainless steel frame highlighted with an orange racing stripe. The rear cover is carbon plate polished with polished black PVD sides and orange sidebars. The sporty styling is based on the energetic lines and orange chassis of two exceptional GT sportscars.



TAG Heuer RACER is powered with a mastering speed processor of 1 GHZ, 16 million of colors screen resolution, a large 3.5’’display, a high-definition 5-mega-pixel auto-focus camera and a 640×480 pixel VGA video front camera*, 11 hours of music play time, and, through its avant-garde Android operating system, download access to over450,000 applications. It also comes fully loaded with a host of TAG Heuer add-ons: animations, wallpapers, icons, ring tones, customized screen designs, and outstanding widgets to personalize the home screen. It features dedicated and animated TAG Heuer widget clocks based on TAG Heuer watches collection models such as MONACO V4 titanium, Mikrograph or CARRERA.


The TAG Heuer RACER offers exclusive service with two preloaded applications.


SO Apps selects and recommends applications for TAG Heuer clients from the full range of Android categories — Essentials, Business, Social Networking, Entertainment, News, Sports, Games, Productivity, Shopping and Travel. Constantly and automatically updated, it seeks out only the very best.


TAG Heuer Mobile Security is the essential mobile data protection application. It can locate a lost or stolen TAG Heuer RACER, secure its contacts, photos and files from unauthorized access, and remotely wipe or block the data it contains. It will also perform real-time anti-malware scans, hide and unhide phonebook entries, filter annoying calls and SMS, block dangerous network connections and, if a new SIM card has been put in the card, lock-it down so it cannot be used.



Carbon Fiber:

Mainly used at the beginning in the aerospace and racing GT cars industries, carbon fiber represents the power of High performance for speed professionals.


Hypoallergenic, three times lighter and five times harder than stainless steel, carbon fiber has outstanding resistance properties against pressure, chemical aggressions, wear and high temperatures. It is a very appealing material both technically and aesthetically.



Inspired by Formula 1 tires, the TAG Heuer RACER’S high-grade rubber is nano coated for extra “soft-touch” comfort and wear resistance. This high-tech composite material reinforces the sporty look and structures the complex mobile phone frame.


Stainless Steel:

The mirror-polished and fine-brushed stainless steel is premium grade surgical 316L, corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic.







Android Operating System:

The new Android “Gingerbread” operating system offers a larger keyboard for faster, more intuitive text input, enhanced copy/paste functionality, new audio effects, better power management, a new download manager, extra languages and voice and video chat support. This software gives a more fluid and intuitive navigation, full connectivity and loads of pioneering functions, including dual high-tech cameras* .



TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Communication instruments

Exclusively launched in July, in TAG Heuer retailers in 350 points of sales, the TAG Heuer RACER joins TAG Heuer’s two other luxury communication instruments, the TAG Heuer LINK and the TAG Heuer MERIDIIST. Like these bestsellers, the TAG Heuer RACER represents nothing less than the ultimate fusion of luxury and performance, pioneering design and extreme functionality.


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