The Aston martin for Bond 007 sells for millions of dollars


aston martin for bond

About 10 Aston Martins had been designed for the ultimate 007 movie Spectre, out of which the DB10 was seen to be used by Daniel Craig, the movie star to the famous bond role.

The car was sold for about $3.5 million at an auction held in London which is far more than the Martin’s original price.

Out of the long linked 10 cars for the film’s purpose, most were modifications, however two had been chosen as show cars out of which this one that has been sold.

The ceremony for the car given as ‘James Bond Spectre: The Auction’ had the DB10 on offer for bidding. The auction only lasted a little under five minutes according to the Christie’s Auction House.

The reserve price for the car was between 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 pounds whereas it was sold for 2,434,500 pounds i.e. $3.48 million. The auction also had other mementos of the film which included the ‘Day of the Dead’ costume worn by Daniel Craig in the opening scene of the movie. The costume was then sold for 98,500 pounds.

Singer Sam Smith’s signed ‘Writing’s On the Wall’ was sold for 9,375 pounds. This is the movie’s ever popular signature tune on the music sheet and single vinyl.

About 2.8 million pounds were raised at the auction on Thursday as 10 lots were sold for ongoing charity. There is also an online bidding auction for another 14 lots till the 23rd of this month.

“Spectre” is the 24th James Bond movie in a time of 53 years and it has made about $879 million at the Box Office globally since its late October release.


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