Touring Buses to Catch Sights Soon in Twin Cities


Touring Buses to Catch Sights


A wait is almost over. Folks living in twin cities will be witnessing around them touring buses. Crafted with culturally inspired painting and embossed with eye soothing gloss and folklores. The buses would be catching your attention on road from 20th December. The news has come from an official of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. Officials have also met with the executives of private schools. They acknowledged this move by government and said it will promote tourism. Foreign students mostly in school, college and universities would find this experience very interesting as it sounds overwhelmingly and full of excitement and adventure. The inauguration ceremony of these glamorous touring buses will be held at Pak-China center, Islamabad.

Students will seek great learning from visiting the spots and would also realize he essence of tourism. Special discount packages would be offered to the students availing the city tour service.

As the buses are about to roam, it is also worth mentioning the spots of these buses. They would be  covering most of the tourist attraction points and similarly picnic points. Like, Lok Virsa, Children park, National Zoo, Faisal Mosque, Rawal Lake, F-9 park, Ayub Park, Taxila Museum. Some of the spots fall in Islamabad, some in Rawalpindi and museum in Taxila. Museum would be scheduled for visit on weekends, keeping in view the study routine of students.

Not just a tour bus but It is also aimed to facilitate people of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. This project had been proposed long ago and has just got executed. Prior to its launch it has attracted wide attention and appreciation from everyone.

International standards have been followed regarding the operations and facilities provided. After launch, if the response generated was good, the number of tours will be increased.


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