Winters rise demand of traditional Chitrali Topi



Pakistan has always been in lime light and demand for hand-made warm, comfortable, and attractive traditional Chitrali topi – made of pure thick wool, is on the rise in Federal Capital and Rawalpindi with a drop in temperature.

“This is a traditional hat, worn by many people in winters to protect themselves from a severe cold” a random buyer Riyaz Abid said.

“It gained poularity during the last few years, as it can serve a substitute of turban. It is one of the cultural symbol of the area and is considered nice gift for Someone Very Special to you. I sell these caps around Rs 700 a piece”, a shopkeeper Fayyaz Khan near Melody Market said.

A resident of G-7 Khawarullah said, “The Ivory or off white color is my favourite. It is easy to wear as these are made of wool that protects the head from winter chill.”

Asjad Shah, a university student said,” traditions are the cultural heritage of any nation and this Chitrali topi has its own unique and beautiful part of the culture of Chitral.

“It’s popularity among the youth has pushed the demand upward”. He said,”the traditional waist coat with beautiful Chitrali embroidery with cap, enhances the grace of the person”, he said.


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