Pearl Continental Rawalpindi

Pearl Continental Rawalpindi

Pearl Continental RawalpindiPearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi

Combination of Sensuality, Style & Serenity Pearl Continental Rawalpindi.
True ambassador of distinct culture & heritage, famous for its distinct interior and fascinating location, Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi is one of a kind. With a blend of warm hospitality and gracious elegance, the Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi is situated at ten minutes’ drive from the airport. It is quite a fascinating place for tourists and main attractions of the city. With the view of serene hill tops Pearl Continental Hotel is unique in its own way. PC Rawalpindi serves as a luxurious space of its own which is a top priority for many tourists and locals.

PC RawalpindiPearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi

Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi motto is to make its guests feel at home. Renowned for its spacious and unparalleled sense of comfort and opulence the hotel is also known for its delicious food that will quench the desire of delicious food of your taste buds. Pearl Continental Rawalpindi is famous for its amazing decor, spacious rooms and delicious cuisines but it is also renowned for its location which gives a perfect serene view of nature. The decor in Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi has pure amalgamation of culture & heritage of Pakistan that depicts the real essence of the country. PC Rawalpindi feels proud to depict the craftsmanship of Pakistan. Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi has mastered its services efficiently thus making the stay memorable and comfortable for its guests.
It is situated at such an amazing place that you can witness the scenic view of the hilltops too. The guest can enjoy best facilities like 24 hour mini bar, 24 hour room service, high speed internet access, free local telephone calls and free breakfast. Most importantly, they have personalized butler service on the clock for their guests as well. Pearl Continental Rawalpindi has a friendly hotel environment which will make you feel comfortable and secure like no other hotel. Everyone will love a stay at Pearl Continental Rawalpindi because it will make you feel at home with five star hotel facilities that haven’t been provided by any 5 star hotel in Pakistan.

Pearl Continental Rawalpindi roomsPearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi Room Charges

The rooms at the Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi is famous for its comfort and spacious atmosphere that is no less than any particular class of five star hotels. The rooms are fully equipped with 24/7 personalized butler service, strong wifi connection, a mini bar and unique ambiance and they have the most reasonable charges for a five star hotel. The Pearl Continental Rawalpindi room charges are available at their website. You can also get the Pearl Continental Rawalpindi Room Charges by calling them at their given number. PC Rawalpindi room rates are quite reasonable as compared to the rest of the hotels in the town. PC hotel Rawalpindi room charges can be found on their website and there are number of websites which offer various room rates as well.
PC Rawalpindi Contact

Would you like to know PC Rawalpindi address? Well, you can just do a basic search on the internet and locate PC Rawalpindi contact or you can call them at the given numbers below. Pearl-Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi The Mall Road, PO Box# 211, Rawalpindi Tel: +92 (51) 5566011, 5562700 111-505-505 Fax: +92 (51) 5563927, 5562995, 5566008 Email:


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