The best 2016 beaches to spoil yourself through!

best 2016 beaches

best beaches 2016

The world is full of beauty and spectacular breathtaking landscapes and beaches. Today we combine a list of 8 2016 beaches with beautiful landscapes so you have the world at your avail to know where to reach for!

1. Ninety mile Beach, New Zealand.

best 2016 beaches


best 2016 beachesThe beautiful 90 mile beach in New Zealand is actually only 55 miles in real. This is named so due to the horseback times. The fact that a horse can travel 45 miles and that a journey around takes two rounds hence it was estimated to be 90 miles long. The people had forgotten the fact that the horse’s feet would’ve travelled slower due to its feet sinking in the damp sand along the shore. It is one of the most fascinating landscapes where the beach shore is only visible during the low tides for two hours and the distance between the grassland and the beach is shown.

2. Vik Beach, Iceland.

best 2016 beaches
best 2016 beachesThe Vik Beach has been counted as one of the top most non tropical beaches on Earth. This black-sand beach must be void of color but yet is truly moving. Sand and shingle is scoured by the very fast action of speedy waves over them.The basalt columns are just like a real, big lord-of-the-rings-type cave with extremely windy air blowing off the black sand into one’s eyes out of nowhere.

3. Nassau, Bahamas.

best 2016 beaches

With the water so clear that you could watch up to 100 feet downwards, this beach has a natural 100 feet wide and 2oo feet deep hole where there is loads of small fish to swim around with some big lobsters running about too. The two caves known as Piece of Cake and Trinity are a great attraction of mysterious past ship decks stuck around them.

4. Ipanema, Brazil.

best 2016 beaches

best 2016 beachesThose dangerous looking peaks with amazingly modern tall buildings by the side give one the perfect feelings of awe and admiration of the stupefying beauty around. Infact it is the place where summer happens for the people of Rio. It is one of those beaches which sets the global bar of urban chic style for all other existing beaches and therefore becomes a must to go.

5. Tavarua Island Beach, Fiji.

best 2016 beaches

best 2016 beachesForget the barrier reef, as you come to explore the heart-shaped Tavarua island of Fiji. Those rich colored, fish full coral reefs are going to blow off your mind. With already mesmerizing scenes, the water sports are a perfect get away to add to according to those 2106 trends. Beach Surfing and snorkeling is an addiction home to anyone visiting the beach. The experience of this island is splendidly manifold to be grabbed for!

6. Virgin Gorda, US (Virgin Islands).

best 2016 beaches

best 2016 beachesThe inviting, peace-loving coves along with the exotic yachts are undoubtedly like the heavenly experience you have been awaiting endlessly. With the north only accessible through waters this ambience is a promising foot walk for all those nature lovers out there! The abundant plant trails along the shore let you discover those Caribbean dreams yourself as one finds them fully absorbed in the indigenous splendor.

7. Canouan Island, Grenadines.

best 2016 beaches


best 2016 beachesMeasuring only 3.5 to 1.25 miles, this island is magnitudes pleasing in allure than its actual size. The lush tropical beach is full of luxurious retreats with even a golf bay at one’s disposal. These white-sand beaches are bound to be an awesome getaway for anyone desirous to reach limits of tremendous grandeur. Located in the heart of grenadines, you are greatly wowed by the grace it has to offer you.

8. Kund Malir Beach,Princess of Hope, Pakistan.

best 2016 beaches

best 2016 beachesThis bliss beach is an astounding fact found in the outskirts of Balochistan, Pakistan. Unspoiled and virtually undiscovered this spot is a paradise for all. With the place famous for Dolphins, the temples of Hinglaj, The Princess of Hope along with the natural Sphinx, the beach is a varied destination. Located near the Hingol National Park the beach is fantastically awesome to explore and tremendously enjoy and loathe for!

best 2016 beaches

We hope to find you happy with the beaches best to amaze you in every way as they continue to make their place in your heart with their awesome regale, grace and scenic beauty!


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